My Work & Reviews

"Michele is the BEST option for a big event like a wedding - she is full service! She has a great set up she brings to location which turned our room into a salon. She was on time, super calm and extremely patient and kind with change requests to our hair and make up. She is a genius with the way she did the shading on my face... it looked AMAZING in the pictures... I received compliments all night! After we were ready, Michele stayed during out photo shoot not just to retouch our hair and make up, but to help with any thing else - she helped our photographers, she brought us food and drinks, she helped find people we needed to bring in for photos, she was amazing.  I highly recommend her!"
-Courtney M., San Francisco, CA
"Michele is a magician!! She worked wonders on our hair and makeup! My mom hasn't changed her look in over 20 years, she decided that she would get her hair and makeup done for my brothers wedding - she absolutely loved the work Michele did and is now rocking the new style every day! She also did mine and my sisters hair and makeup - OMG! not only was she very nice and understanding when I flinched all the way through the airbrushing, but she also did an excellent job!! I would go back to Michele in a heartbeat - we are from Canada so after the appointment we tried to coax her into our suitcases - that didn't pan out! ha ha, all jokes aside, Michele is the best makeup/hair gal there ever has been and we thank her again SO MUCH for the wonderful experience."
-Sydnee V., Canada
“This woman is amazing!! I could go on and on about Michelle's beauty talent, but honestly her work speaks for itself. What I want brides to know is that Michelle is going to take care of you. She brought me coffee and constantly made sure I had water with a straw. She checked in with me to see if I was hungry and when I told her I couldn't eat do to nerves, she encouraged me to try to eat anyways. Michelle also offered to help my photographer. She helped hold equipment and fix my hair, vail and dress while taking pictures. Michelle even got me a gift!!! She made me look like a princess and I truly felt confident. I heard nothing but compliments all night. I had a friend with me all day, she had my back and truly cared how my day went. On your special day you want to be surrounded by people who care, are organized and supportive,  Michelle will be that person.”
-Adrienne G., Yuba City, CA
"Michele is awesome! Not only does she know her stuff when it comes to make-up, she is so sweet and helpful. I got married in August 2016, and somehow I was able to book Michele to do my make-up (I have to think she gets booked up fast, so how I managed this, I have no idea).I arrived for our trial day and she welcomed me with a drink and a snack. What a nice touch! While doing the trial, she was so easy to talk with and listened to what I wanted but also brought in her own knowledge to help me achieve the look I wanted. I loved my trial run make-up and knew I wanted her there on my wedding day. A few days after her trial I went to a separate trial that I had already scheduled, even though Michele had won me over. Boy, I'll tell you - the second trial with the anonymous make-up artist only solidified that Michele was definitely the one for the job. What makes her so special is that she wants to ensure you are happy. She is professional, knowledgable and confident -  and it shows in the make-up she does! She caters to you and your wants/needs and makes you feel special (which is exactly how all brides should feel)! My trial with Michele and the trial with the anonymous artist was like night and day. The only reason I'm glad I went to the other trial is to tell all the brides and mother-in-laws out there to look no further than Michele. She will make the bride's day perfect, make-up and all! Thank you Michele for making me feel like a million bucks. You're the best!"

-Christie R., Rocklin, CA

"Michele is a sweet, talented, and passionate artist. She was super fun to work with and really travelled the distance for my wedding in Yosemite! I am so happy to have found her to beautify me two days in a row and am absolutely blessed by her availability on my wedding day and post wedding shoot day. I absolutely adored her from the moment I met her at my trial to the morning she showed up at my lodge at 4 am in the morning. She even gave me an awesome goody back gift full of everything I totally needed on the day of my wedding! Thank you for being so thoughtful and for matching me with the perfect lip gloss. You are incredible, Michele! If you're looking for a hair and MUA who will listen to your every needs, then Michele is your girl! Thanks again, love!"
-Rose N., San Jose. CA
“Where do I even start with Michele?! She was professional, wonderful to work with and went above and beyond in helping me have my perfect day! Michele worked to help me create a the perfect plan!  I knew things were going to be awesome at the trial, we had a blast chatting and I walked away looking like a million bucks! She quickly and easily got a sense of my style and what I'm comfortable and worked with that to design a look that made me feel fabulous!
 Day of Michele came to my hotel room with a lovely and awesome assistant, Elle! The two of them set up super fast and were amazing at keeping on schedule, they made each of my girls, including my mom, feel beautiful and just let their natural beauty shine! Michele kept me on schedule and my wedding day look was AMAZING!!!!! My mom and sister raved about both Michele and Elle, my mom wants to bring them south to a fun girl date day! Just getting to this point I would have given Michele 5 stars!  Michele and Elle went out of their way and helped my a few of my ladies with their make up even though they hadn't been scheduled with them.
 Michele and Elle also followed me through ceremony and pictures to help my sure my hair and makeup stayed on point.  Both ladies went WAY above and beyond their job description and when they saw that my photographer was causing me stress, they stepped to help keep me calm and kept the photographer from ruining the very "chill" vibe we had going that day.  Both Michele and Elle stepped in when needed, provided awesome advice, and just really made my day fantastic, I don't think everything would have run as smoothly as it did if they weren't there.  I can't say thank you enough! Michele also gives great advice right before you walk down the aisle!  You guys truly made my day perfect! Thank you! :)”
-Ginelle L., Arroyo Grande, CA